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All varieties of PCB's can be repaired / tested / setup.  

Upon receipt of the PCB, we shall first trace the circuit and produce a circuit diagram.  From here the circuit will be analysed to work out what its function is.  A test jig shall be made which connects to the PCB to allow simulation of all the PCB's inputs and outputs and connection of any test equipment and power supplies.  A test procedure shall be written to show how to test the PCB.  The PCB will be delivered back fully tested with any repairs made.

Spares: Spare PCB's can be manufactured where the original OEM no longer supports their equipment.


We have engineers trained to certified in ''Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment'' Based on the IET Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, 4th Edition.

Equipment can either be posted to us to test, or we can visit your site.

CompEx - Hazardous Areas

We have engineers trained in EX01 - EX04 for work on equipment in explosive atmospheres. 

We can design, install and commissioning intrinsically safe systems as well as systems for hazardous areas (gas).  

Should you require labour to calibrate instrumentation or carry out electrical installations, we can also provide suitable qualified engineers for this.


Having worked on Lyngso Marine systems for approx 15 years, we are well suited to support vessels with Lyngso Marine systems on board.

Our support can range from service visits to the vessels to carry out service / breakdown work, to adding additional I/O, carrying out PC upgrades or to expand the original system by increasing its capability.


We can provide instrumentation calibration services and periodic loop checking / maintenance on your instruments on site.  

During planned shutdowns, or in a breakdown situation, we can assist in getting your plant back up and running correctly.

As we are CompEx trained, we can carry out instrumentation work in hazardous areas safely.

We can also supply new or replacements instruments for should additional monitored points be required or to replace faulty devices. 


As the old Mitsubishi A1 Melsec CPU's become obsolete, we can upgrade your A1 CPU to the Q series CPU while retaining all other equipment in your control panel, to keep costs down while giving you the peace of mind that your new Q series is fully supportable.


Our panel building service includes the design and manufacture of control panels for the rail, oil and gas, marine and other commercial industry's.

We design and build all our control panels in house, from small junction boxes, drop in plates, chassis plates, to fully equipped control panels with PLC's, HMI's, drives, starters, pneumatics and intrinsically safe circuits.

Our control panels are designed to our customers requirements and specifications, or we can produce the full layout in AutoCAD for our customer to approve before the build begins. 


Our engineers have been going offshore for many years to conduct emergency call outs, instrumentation calibration works, electrical installations, generator controls and process controls work.  

Our engineers are suitably trained in Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET) Course (with CA EBS) 
Includes HUET as well as CompEx for work in hazardous areas. 


The Sentry II Annunicator has stood the test of time being first installed many decades ago.  We can support these sites where these are installed by carrying out service visits, or should the plug in modules fail, we can test / repair and replace where necessary.  

Should your current Sentry II Annunciator require upgrading to a modern PLC / SCADA system, please contact Blackwell Automation Ltd.

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